Media hostility toward Trump is backfiring on liberals

Don Surber:
To the embarrassment of the media, their polls keep showing Trump supporters stick with President Trump because they do not believe the media's anti-Trump propaganda.

Not only that, the media's biggest fear is coming true.

People now regret not voting for Trump.

From Yahoo News:

Murray, the owner of a small business-finance company in California, admits he likes to be different — “to take the contrary position.” Yet even he is surprised to have reached his latest conclusion — that while he strongly supported Hillary Clinton during the campaign, and voted for her without reservation, he now wishes he had cast that vote for Donald Trump.
“I like what he’s doing, and I wish I had voted for him,” he says. Not having supported Trump sooner, he says, makes him “feel like a coward.”

Ha ha ha.
There is more.

With close to 90 percent negative coverage of the President the media is still flailing and failing.  It has gotten where one has to dig deep in the Washington Post to find a story about the administration that is no negative.  Since Bezos took over the paper it seems to be a hostile environment for anyone who is not a liberal.  Losing credibility has yet to slow their assaults.

This is what happens when you forego fairness to push the evils of liberalism.


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