Sexual harassment policies

CNN anchor: Roger Ailes sexually harassed me
What she alleges would likely constitute sexual harassment in the workplace if true.  That she remained employed there after the alleged event for 16 years would also make it hard for her to claim that Ailes acted on the alleged threat.

What Fox apparently lacked was corporate supervision that gave someone experiencing sexual harassment an outlet for their complaint.

As a former general counsel of two different companies, my recollection is that we had policy statements on this kind of conduct that made it clear it would not be tolerated and gave alleged victims access to a responsible person to deal with the situation.  I do not recall anything like the alleged conduct at Fox.

The policy did make it less likely that male employees would tell raunchy jokes.

The federal workplace is also not immune from conduct of a sexual nature.  I have read reports of federal employees spending hours of "work time" looking at porn on their government computer and in some cases discussing it with other employees of both sexes.

It should also be noted that women could sometimes be as aggressive as men.  The men were less likely to complain about for several reasons.


  1. There are many good article blog post that giving tips to all the victims of sexual harassment at the workplace on how to report it. There are many kinds of sexual harassment, always take it seriously and collect evidence if necessary to support your claims. No one deserves to feel uncomfortable in the workplace. Waiting for 16 years to report it is too long.

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