Poll discovers reason Democrats are losing election

Daily Caller:
Sixty-seven percent of Americans say the Democratic Party is out of touch with their concerns — that’s more than those who think the Republican Party or President Trump are out of touch with most Americans’ concerns, according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll.

ABC News notes that in March 2014, 48 percent said the Democrats were out of touch with most Americans’ concerns. Three years later, 67 percent of Americans feel that way about the Democratic Party — a 19 percent increase.

“The biggest change has occurred chiefly among the party’s own typical loyalists, with ‘out of touch’ ratings up 33 points among liberals, 30 points among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents and 26 points among moderates and nonwhites alike,” ABC News reports.
The poll also found that majority thought the GOP was out of touch, and a somewhat smaller majority thought Trump was out of touch.  What is not clear is whether the Democrats feel the party is out of touch because it is not liberal enough or they are focused on issues that do not matter to them.  If they think they stand a better chance of winning by being more liberal they are truly delusional.  It was Obama's liberalism that turned them into a minority party.


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