Democrats are now the party of 'conspiracy-addled angry radicalism'

Evan Slegfried:
You would think that after losing over 1,000 elected positions at the federal, state and local levels since 2010, Democratic Party leaders — now out of power in the White House and both houses of Congress — might be hard at work crafting a message that would broaden the party’s appeal and move away from the conspiracy-addled angry radicalism of its base.

You would be wrong.

Jolted by Hillary Clinton’s unexpected loss to Donald Trump, Democrats and progressives have retreated to an alternate reality. In this safe space that they’ve created for themselves, Clinton didn’t lose so much as the Russians won.

Red Mania hasn’t been confined to the fringe, but is being promoted by Democratic representatives, including Maxine Waters and Ted Lieu.

Waters took it so far as to suggest on MSNBC that GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz, chair of the House Oversight Committee, is leaving Congress because of his “connections” to “what is going on in the Ukraine and perhaps in Russia itself.”

Their reward for pushing this craziness? Becoming national heroes to the Democratic faithful.

Then there’s the old Obama crowd: Former National Security Council spokesman and CIA analyst Ned Price, along with senior Obama adviser Eric Schultz, publicly pushed the theory that Chaffetz resigned because the Russians were blackmailing him with compromising information about his personal life.

They aren’t the only Democrats who give big bear hugs to lefty fanatics. Some go further than that and actively promote extremists.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand recently praised Linda Sarsour in Time magazine and on Twitter. Sarsour, in addition to being a leader in the Women’s March movement, is a relentless anti-Zionist, a promoter of anti-Semitic violence — and a key vote-getter for Mayor de Blasio.

To Gillibrand, however, Sarsour is one of the “suffragists of our time.”
There is more.

Chaffetz is suffering from a severe infection in his foot from work w\that was done years ago to repair a break, but that is not as sexy as a Russian conspiracy theory by those who do not want to admit they lost because of a bad candidate pushing ideas rejected by voters while trying to ignore her own problems with mishandling classified material.


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