Texas House passes sanctuary city ban

Houston Chronicle:
The Texas House gave final approval Thursday to a wide-reaching 'sanctuary cities' ban that would grant sweeping new powers to police officers in the state by allowing them to question a person's immigration status if they have been stopped with reasonable suspicion.

The chamber passed Senate Bill 4, a priority item for Gov. Greg Abbott this session, on a party-line vote with 94 Republicans in support and 53 Democrats against. The legislation would force police to honor all federal requests to detain people suspected of being in the country illegally until federal authorities can investigate the person's status. It also would prohibit local jurisdictions from passing or enforcing an ordinance that prohibits police officers from inquiring about a detained person's immigration status, which would nullify the Houston Police Department's 1990 policy on the matter.
There is much more.

Hopefully, this will improve the public safety and expedite the removal of criminal illegal aliens.  Democrats tried desperately to stop the legislation which will likely impact Democrat controlled cities the most.  I have seen no evidence that sanctuary cities are safer.  There have been several heinous crimes committed by people who should have been turned over to ICE,


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