Pipeline paranoia still infects some in Nebraska

NY Times:

Risen From the Grave, Keystone XL Pipeline Again Divides Nebraska

Despite President Trump’s support of Keystone XL, state regulators still have say over the route. Some landowners see the pipeline as a threat to their water, farms and history.
There is a pipeline across the road from my property and I probably drive over several more of them on my way to town.  So pipeline fear seems irrational to those of us close to several of them.  I occasionally see crews checking on the pipelines but this is just maintenance and standard safety checks.  I still think they are the safest and least expensive way to transport oil and gas.  If you want to drive a car or truck and stay warmer in the winter, you should favor pipelines.

The anti-energy left is behind many of these protests and they are the same people who were begging for "gas money" so they could go protest other pipelines.


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