Manhunt underway for CIA leaker that allegedly provided material to Wikileaks

Washington Times:
Federal law enforcement authorities believe it was a vetted member of the U.S. intelligence community — either an official CIA employee or a contractor — who supplied WikiLeaks with a trove of documents that the anti-secrecy group published last month purporting to expose the agency’s vast clandestine cyberoperations.

While the CIA has refused to comment on an investigation into the matter, intelligence sources who spoke anonymously with The Washington Times on Thursday did not push back against the veracity of news reports that the agency and the FBI are engaged in a manhunt for the suspected leaker within the U.S. government.

CNN reported Thursday night that federal prosecutors are separately weighing whether to bring criminal charges against members of the WikiLeaks organization, taking a second look at a 2010 leak of diplomatic cables and military documents as well as last month’s CIA leak.

The network cited unnamed sources behind the claim, but noted that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had said at a news conference Thursday that the arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has been holed up inside the Ecuadoran embassy in London since 2012, is a “priority.”

CBS News had reported Wednesday, citing sources familiar with the investigation, that a federal investigation has found that the classified CIA cyberdocuments published by WikiLeaks last month were originally stored in a highly secure section of the agency. Authorities are reportedly searching for an individual from among the hundreds who had physical access to the material.
There is more.

With such limited access, they should be able to narrow the suspect list and find the leaker.  The US needs a win in the war against cyber attacks and this is an area focus in that area.


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