Democrat disarray-Most popular guy is an economic illiterate who is not a Democrat

NY Times:

At a ‘Unity’ Stop in Nebraska, Democrats Find Anything But

At the center of the debate over the party’s future is Senator Bernie Sanders, who has emerged as the most popular active politician in America, but he isn’t even a Democrat.
Sanders is a likable curmudgeon, but anyone who actually thinks socialism is a good idea is ignorant of history and economics.

If socialism were sound economics, Cuba and Venezuela would be wealthy countries instead of impoverished countries run by despots.  Socialism is where people stand in line for food instead of a new iPhone.  It is where healthcare is rationed and countries free ride on pharmaceuticals developed in the US by capitalists.

What is really sad is that the education establishment perpetuates this ignorance about socialism creating uninformed voters to support policies proposed by Sanders.  That tells you something about what a lousy job the schools are doing.


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