Judge who entered decision against Trump sanctuary City order has a history of bad decisions

Yesterday a federal judge in San Francisco issued a nationwide injunction against enforcement of President Trump’s executive order depriving jurisdictions that refuse to obey federal law from receiving federal grants. The judge is a guy named William Orrick III and he makes a great case for why the Congress should take up judicial impeachment as a lifestyle choice.

If you followed the saga of the Center for Medical Progress’s undercover investigation of Planned Parenthood you will recognize Orrick’s name. He is the federal judge who basically overruled the US Supreme Court’s Pentagon Papers decision and issued a restraining order forbidding CMP from releasing videos because it might hurt the business interests of the abortion industry....
Instead of being a real judge he is a liberal Democrat operative with a robe.  He appears to be a go to guy for Democrat activists seeking to thwart the rule of law.


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