Headline on Op-ed by Washington Post seems to describe the paper's content of late

Kathleen Parker:
Disliking Trump is getting very boring
It is getting harder to find something interesting in the Post with so much of their real estate occupied by anti-Trump stories and opinion pieces and nit picking fact checkers.  It is getting harder to find a substantive discussion of actual events and news.

The Trump national security team appears to be doing much better than the one they replaced.  Instead of having amateurs running the war effort Trump has turned it over to experts who actually know something about defeating the enemy.  So far his handling of the Korean situation appears deft.  He has gotten China to put pressure on North Korea, something that previous administration have been unable to do.

The paper seems to feature Democrat criticism of the Trump tax policy over the benefits it will produce for the economy.  That Democrats don't like tax cuts is not news.  Focus on the substance and what it is intended to do and not the fact that rich people will pay less.  Again that is not news since the top 10 percent of Americans pay 70 percent of the taxes anyway.  Unfortunately, I am not among them, but these people seem to be paying more than their fair share already.


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