Evidence that UN control freaks want to dictate US policy

Jay Caruso:
What business does the United Nations have, getting involved with United States domestic policy decisions? When I read about the UN and what they said about the repeal of Obamacare, I nearly lost it.

There are nations around the world where citizens live in squalor. The kind of poverty most in the United States couldn’t begin to fathom. People regularly die from illnesses most can cure in the United States with over-the-counter medicines.

So to see that the pinheads at the United Nations are warning the United States a repeal of Obamacare might be a violation of the Geneva Conventions, I nearly laughed....
If the UN wants to ensure that it falls into deeper disregard in the US, pushing this kind of junk is one way to do it.  Only a liberal opinion writer at the increasingly marginal Washington Post could take this seriously.


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