Trump to make more federal controlled sites available for energy production

NY Times:

President Plans to Unleash a Wave of Oil and Gas Drilling

President Trump is expected to sign two orders to expand offshore drilling and roll back conservation on public lands. As a candidate, he promised to create jobs in energy.
This is another example of Trump overturning Obama policies that favored Russia and OPEC.  By making the sites available for energy exploration trump is living up to his commitment to make the US energy independent.

However, the success of the US in exploring for shale oil and gas has reduced the price of oil to a point that producers will have to analyze whether production in the areas opened by Trump will be economically viable.  At least the market will be driving the decision and not the arbitrary machinations of control freak Democrats.

What is clear is that Obama and the Democrats were dead wrong when they said the US could not drill its way to cheaper oil.  I think he used this misleading statement as an excuse to push for less efficient alternative energy and wasted a lot of taxpayer money in the process.  Many of Obama's energy investments costs billions and produced little of value.


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