Ranchers in Texas think border wall will block access to water for livestock

Washington Post:
Meet one of the critics of Trump’s wall. He’s a Republican. In Texas.

As Democrats try for an anti-Trump wave in next year’s midterm elections, break-the-mold Republican Will Hurd is fighting to hold a vast, politically volatile district along the U.S.-Mexico border with a battle plan that includes being one of the harshest GOP critics of the president’s push to build a wall along that border.
I think Will Hurd is a good guy.  If the concern is about access to water for cattle, he needs to work on an accommodation for that problem if a wall is constructed.  I do not think their opposition and that of Hurd is because they want more illegal aliens coming in.  No one really wants illegals trespassing on their property or using it as an invasion route into the US.


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