The Democrat's misleading new motto

Jason Russell:
If you've ever wanted to get a high-five from Pajama Boy or a compliment from your neighbor that still hasn't removed their "I'm With Her" bumper sticker, the Democratic National Committee has a shirt for you. For $30, you can wear a shirt that says "Democrats give a sh*t about people." The unspoken implication is obvious: Republicans don't care about people. Don't vote for them.

A more truthful motto might be "Democrats give a sh*t about some people," because there are plenty of people about whom the Democrats lack any sh*ts to give.

Consider millions of children in low-income families, trapped in terrible schools because Democrats and teachers unions wouldn't let them have a choice to go somewhere else.

What about the coal miners that Hillary Clinton wanted to put out of work?

What about fetuses with a beating heart several weeks after fertilization?

The shirt should have an asterisk that says "*except coal miners, fetuses, and students trapped in bad schools." But I guess that's not what the asterisk on the shirt is for.
There is more.

Russell goes on to explore what people from both parties do care about, but I think what this motto also exposes is how the left has coarsened the culture.  When people resort to expletives to make their argument, it indicates they either lack the intelligence to compose a coherent argument for their point, or they think the people they are trying to persuade lack the intelligence to comprehend a coherent argument.


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