DOJ still pushing Obama contraception mandate

Tim Carney:
Nearly 100 days into the Trump administration, the official position of the federal government is still that Uncle Sam can force private employers, against their conscience and their religious beliefs, to provide insurance coverage for all forms of contraception, including sterilization and morning-after drugs that can act as abortifacients.

On Monday, the Department of Justice — under the control of Attorney General Jeff Sessions — effectively asked federal courts to keep alive its defense of the Obama position that Christian colleges must provide such coverage. This is irreconcilable with President Trump's professed opposition to the mandate and its trampling of religious liberty.

Conservative lawyers disagree on how quickly or easily the new administration can undo Obama's assault on religious liberty. But this is clear: the Trump administration is not where it should be in rolling back its predecessor's contraceptive offensive.
I suspect that some of the delays are caused by the lack of appointments to the DOJ by the administration.  They have been awful slow in filling slots which allowed the liberal holdovers to still have sway over some decisions.


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