The Democrat narrative about Trump is failing

Eli Lake:
Before Donald Trump won the election in November we were warned: He is a Russian stooge. He is a fascist. He will upend the protocols and traditions that make governing possible. This is not normal.

Now that we are approaching the 100-day mark, it's worth noting that the president is defying the expectations of his resistance. And while there is plenty to oppose in Trump's young presidency, he is neither the Siberian Candidate nor the second coming of Mussolini.

Let's start with Russia. The FBI is still investigating whether and how his campaign may have colluded with Moscow's efforts to influence the presidential election. And yet in terms of actual policy, Trump has settled on a much tougher line with Russia than how he campaigned or in his first few weeks.
Now, U.S.-Russian relations are cratering. Both sides say they are at a historic low point. Russian bombers in the last week have been flying into Alaskan airspace, testing Trump's resolve. Meanwhile, one of America's top generals just suggested Russia was arming the Taliban in Afghanistan. If Trump is a Russian mole, it looks like a very long con.
Traditionally, fascism is the marriage of corporate and military elites with an authoritarian leader. For Trump's White House, however, his corporate and military advisers are steering Trump to a more traditional presidential agenda.
There is much more.

If Russia thought Trump would get out of the way of their ambitions, it was mistaken.  It is also becoming much clearer, that despite Trump's rhetoric in the campaign he is not fascist either.


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