Recent redistricting case against Texas was based on a map that was no longer being used

Taylor Millard:
There’s an extremely odd lawsuit going on in Texas over redistricting, specifically focusing on the maps written in 2011. A federal court ruled last week the 2011 maps were invalid because they violated part of the Voting Rights Act and the U.S. Constitution. It’s an extremely long decision involving three federal judges, but two of the judges asserted Texas legislators did everything they could to make sure white candidates were elected, over Hispanic candidates. Similar assertions were made over white vs. black candidates. Democrats were obviously happy with the decision....
A little bit of a history lesson for the fine Arlington rep: the new maps have already happened. The Texas Legislature passed new districts in 2013. What’s even more interesting is these were maps drawn up by a three judge panel in San Antonio. Here how The Texas Tribune described the ongoing saga in 2013.
It should be pointed out Turner gave a comment to The Texas Tribune in the 2013 piece, suggesting it’d be best for the legislature to wait for the court to make more rulings, then voted against a bill making the maps permanent. But since it’s now 2017, who really cares what happened in 2013? It almost seems like Democrats want to ignore the 2013 Special Session on redistricting, so they can focus on the “no good, very bad” maps of 2011…maps which don’t exist anymore, except in court proceedings.
There is more.

Unfortunately, much of the Texas media also forgot about the special session in 2013.  It is not even clear why the court is still messing with boundaries that are no longer in effect.  It should have dismissed the case as moot.  I get the impression that liberals on the court and in the media seized the opportunity to slander the State of Texas.


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