Producers ramp up drilling in Texas's Eagle Ford

Fuel Fix:
As West Texas’ Permian Basin becomes more saturated with drilling activity, more rigs are returning to the Eagle Ford shale in southern Texas.

The U.S. added 13 rigs actively drilling for oil and gas this week and almost all of them came in Texas. The Lone Star state added 11 rigs, including five in the Eagle Ford. The booming Permian added two rigs, while the Haynesville Shale in East Texas tacked on one more rig, according weekly data compiled by the Baker Hughes services firm.

The only other state to add multiple rigs was Oklahoma with three. New Mexico, which includes part of the Permian, actually lost three rigs, and another three came offline in the Gulf of Mexico.

The total U.S. rig count is now at 870 rigs, up from an all-time low of 404 rigs in May, according to Baker Hughes. Of the total tally, 697 of them are primarily drilling for oil.
In a little less than a year, the rig count in the US has more than doubled.   The Eagle Ford formation in South Texas was hit hard during the downturn but now appears to be gaining in activity.  Ironically, one of the richest counties in the US is within the Eagle Ford area.


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