The left's diversity scam

 Tim Carney:


Another reason for conservative distrust is that they see liberal calls for diversity as disingenuous — “diversity” is merely a club liberals use to try to paint conservatives as racist and dismiss conservative arguments because they come from “old white guys.”

And this is true. Liberals often show that they don’t actually value diversity of background, sex, race, or religion: They really just want left-wing arguments to win, and they know that “diversity” is a handy cudgel to use in cases in which their opponent is a white conservative.

How do I know? Look at how they treat minorities and women who aren’t liberal.

“Elect Women!” was a rallying cry for Democrats in 2018. Why were Democrats pushing to elect women rather than elect Democrats? The claim was that there was a higher motivation here than simple partisanship.

Women need role models in power, one argument goes. “When we’re not represented, people are apathetic or don’t vote or don’t get involved,” warned Roslyn Simpson, a staffer for Rep. Susan Wild, a Democrat first elected to Congress in 2018.

Women think and debate differently from men, argued Nadiyah Groves, who worked on the 2018 campaign of Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin.

“I think men put up these hard stops of, you know, ‘I have my idea, and that’s how it’s going to go,’" she said. "But women, we’re able to just kind of let those barriers down and actually tend to one another’s thoughts.”

So in 2020, Republicans had great success electing women, too. Did the liberal feminists give at least a golf clap? Nope.

“Women are not a monolith,” explained Bridget Read at New York Magazine’s “The Cut” blog. “And there’s nothing revolutionary about a woman politician who votes like an old white guy. And many female candidates are anything but progressive.”

That is, electing women is not actually good if those women don’t vote liberal. In other words, there is no value in electing women. Diversity is a cover story used to get some liberals good press and some conservatives bad press.

Recall the treatment of Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Not only did liberal commentators absolutely lose their minds, they also had no problem attacking her in terms one might call misogynistic, or at least "gendered."

It’s the same on race. Justice Clarence Thomas is an Uncle Tom, according to the most prominent liberal commentators. The record percentage of black voters to vote Republican this year “ain’t black,” according to President-elect Joe Biden.


Remember the bad polling leading up to the election.  The pollsters tried to make the case that white women were voting against Trump.  At the time the women of Facebook told a different story and they turned out to be closer to the mark than the pollsters.  With conservative women winning elections the left sounds misogynistic.  Who knew that not all women favor abortion?


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