Dominion executive accused of bias against Trump

 Matt Margolis:

CLAIM: Dominion Exec Bragged That He Made Sure 'Trump Is Not Gonna Win' on Conference Call


 According to Oltmanna, someone on the call asked, “What are we gonna do if f***ing Trump wins?”

Oltmann paraphrased Coomer’s alleged response:  “Don’t worry about the election, Trump’s not gonna win. I made f***ing sure of that!”

Snopes currently rates these allegations as “unproven,” explaining that they “don’t know whether Oltmann’s allegations against Coomer are accurate or not.” Evidence presented by Oltmann so far, such as social media posts allegedly belonging to Coomer, do not prove or disprove the key allegation made by Oltmann—that Coomer bragged about rigging the election. Snopes concedes that despite this, it  “doesn’t necessarily mean Oltmann’s claim is false, it just means it is so far not supported by any publicly available evidence beyond his verbal account.” However, Snopes does add yet another caveat: “It’s also not clear whether Coomer’s alleged remarks if they did take place, were made in earnest, and therefore whether they should be interpreted as proof of election meddling … even if Coomer made the comment in earnest, he might have been lying, either to impress others on the call, to exaggerate his power and influence, or for some other reason.”


I am not aware that Coomer has denied the claim.  It is funny that Snopes does not report a denial. 



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