A lack of trust in vaccines?

 Richard Fernandez:

When in Star Wars Admiral Motti declares his skepticism of the Galactic Empire’s supposedly foolproof plans Darth Vader retorts, “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” A lot of doubt is going around these days in a galaxy much closer at hand. The Hill reports that “public opinion polling shows only a slim majority of Americans are willing to trust a first-generation vaccine …  Vaccine skepticism emerges as early test for Biden.


Some of this loss of credibility comes from the overuse of apocalyptic predictions to browbeat populations into lockdown. And yet the crisis keeps getting bigger in the news.  For example the prestigious Lancet now describes Covid-19 as a syndemic.


There is much more.

I recall from a very young age that if there was a vaccine or shot that would prevent a disease my mom would take me to get it.  When the polio vaccine was introduced while I was in high school the whole family went down to get with the rest of the town.  

When I attended Marine Corps OCS we were lined up and given shots to prevent all sorts of disease and before going to Vietnam I think they gave us about 40 more shots including one to prevent the pague.  One of the ironies of the battle at Khesanh is that the people laying siege to the Marines came down with the plague and the Marines did not despite the presence of large rats. 

I get an annual flu shot and will get the covid vaccine when it becomes available.  I suspect the skepticism about this vaccine is more political than practical.


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