Voter fraud will taint Biden "win"

 Matt Mayer:

The 2020 election has provided fertile ground upon which Republicans can spend the next four years doing to Joe Biden what the Democrats did to Donald Trump and George W. Bush.

For four years, Democrats and their media allies trumpeted every claim, no matter how baseless or crazy, that Trump’s 2016 election win was illegitimate and fraudulent. Despite zero evidence that so much as a single vote was interfered with, Democrats peddled the hoax that Russia interfered in the 2016 election to elect Trump. Even after the Mueller investigation exonerated Trump and his campaign from the collusion canard, Democrats, led by the shameless Adam Schiff, continued to allege collusion. Their simple goal was to undermine and delegitimize the Trump presidency. It clearly worked to the degree some voters turned their backs on Trump even as they voted Republican down-ballot.

As Biden’s razor-thin win in a handful of states that pushed him past the 270-electoral vote threshold needed to win the presidency, Trump and his allies claimed that voter fraud and other Democrat-led schemes stole the election. Unlike the bogus Russia bunk, however, there are documented voter fraud issues and other unexplained results that call into question the election. For example, one analysis found that Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton in every major city except, conveniently, Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia and Atlanta. Because of this and other election oddities, a significant chunk of voters don’t believe Biden actually won the election. He’ll now spend four years governing an America in which just under half of its citizens believe he wouldn’t have won had everything been done fairly and squarely.

Though he managed to get far more done than people give his team credit for, Trump governed under a dark cloud for most of his presidency. His team had to waste precious time and energy defending him against the Mueller investigation with its phalanx of Democratic hitman lawyers and corrupt FBI personnel. The media aided this assault by running stories over the last four years based on anonymous sources, several of which ended up being false. No president has had to undergo so thorough an investigation on such thinly-sourced claims. Trump may be lots of things, but he is as patriotic and faithful to America as any man who ever occupied the Oval Office.

Assuming Republicans can win one of the two Georgia runoff Senate seats, Mitch McConnell and the Republicans will maintain control of the US Senate. That means Ron Johnson and Lindsey Graham will be able to continue their investigations into both the Obama administration’s spying on the Trump campaign, transition and administration and, more problematic for Biden, the allegations against Biden family influence peddling in Ukraine, China and Russia. Democrats and the media will continue to ignore the growing evidence something improper occurred, especially given Tony Bobuliski’s unimpeachable statements. Regardless, there appears to be more evidence of possible wrongdoing than ever existed in support of the Russia collusion hoax. Should the smoke become fire in the coming year, Biden might find himself calling Trump for advice.

Don't forget the Dominion voting machines too.  Whether a case is ultimately brought for changing the votes by the software, the story is out there and it is not going away.  There is plenty of voter fraud evidence and it is virtually all about Biden votes from the grave and other ineligible sources. 


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