The media conspiracy against Trump

 Andrea Widburg:



It's hard to explain to people who came of age during the Trump era how differently the establishment treated his presidency.  Even when the media loathed presidents — as they did with Nixon and Reagan — they at least went through the motions of showing respect.

With Trump, the media's hate-fest is unbounded.  They ignored the usual 100-day honeymoon.  Instead, from the moment Trump was elected, media hacks began to exhaust their limited vocabulary of insults: Trump is Hitler.  Trump is worse than Hitler.  Trump is a Hitlerly copy of something worse than Hitler.

If they're not making Hitler analogies, you have Anderson Cooper calling the president of the United States an "obese turtle on his back flailing in the hot sun."  Stay classy, Anderson!  Where's that sophisticated guy who got drunk and talked about his mother's sex life on air?

At the end of the day, what the media have done for the past four years is inane, shallow, vulgar, and mean-spirited to the point of evil, but the steady drumbeat works.

Although it's hard to remember, before Trump came along, the media would at least occasionally report rather objectively about actual news, both foreign and domestic.  Nowadays, the news is blatantly slanted in whatever direction benefits Democrats.

Black Lives Matter riots are racial freedom fests while the people who protest being locked in their homes and losing their livelihoods are white nationalist haters.  Nor do the media ever report Trump's accomplishments.  Instead, taking in the media is liking listening to the two meanest girls in high school gossip about someone they hate.  Again, it's inane, shallow, vulgar, and mean-spirited, but effective.

Most significantly, it's impossible to explain the effect of Big Technology to young people who, having been raised within its omnipresent ambit, are as unaware of its power as fish are of the water in which they swim.  When Google hides search results and Twitter and Facebook de-platform people for being "mean," that's normal to the young.  To them, that's the appropriate elevation of "safe" speech — and please, stop nattering about "free" speech, which all these young people know is a secret code for saying "hate speech of the type a Hitlerly Hitler would use."

Incidentally, it's also impossible to explain any of pre- and post-internet concepts about journalism and free speech to stalwart leftists.  Because the media and Big Tech align perfectly with what our leftist (AKA Democrat or progressive) friends believe, they too view bias, censorship, and manipulated information as a fish does water: they are normal, and only conspiracy theorists would believe that the water is toxic and deadly.

Enter Tucker Carlson's Monday-night monologue, with its bracing dose of reality about the way in which the 2020 election was rigged.  We conservatives have every reason to believe in shadow-rigging, in the form of cemetery votes, faked ballots, and election machine manipulation.  All of that, though, requires investigation and a lot of work to establish.


The media admitted early on in the 2016 campaign that they did not intend to treat Trump fairly and that is one thing they lived up to.  You could search in vain for a fair story about Trump in the Washington Post and the NY Times and never find it.  They were unfair even on ancillary issues.  It seems like 95 percent of their reporting would somehow be twisted into an anti-Trump meme.

The media has become complicit in the politics of fraud.


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