John Kerry is a man who started his political career with lies about Vietnam troops

 NY Times:

With John Kerry Pick, Biden Selects a ‘Climate Envoy’ With Stature

Mr. Biden said he would name Mr. Kerry to a cabinet-level climate post, a role laden with political and diplomatic challenges in the post-Trump era.

John Kerry made claims of war crimes against his fellow troops which were unfounded.  While they all denied his claims, it was clear to me he made up some of them when he suggested that his claims were known at all levels of command.

For a time I was Assistant Commander of the 3rd Marine division Communication Center.  I spent several days and nights reviewing all message traffic before sending it out to addressees.  In the thousands of messages, I saw there were none which alleged events that would be war crimes.  None.  I suspect that what Kerry was relaying were what I would call "sea stories" where troops make up things to impress each other with how badass they pretended to be.  I later served as executive officer of a rifle company of Marines on the DMZ.  There was never a time when any of the troops engaged in any of the things Kerry claimed were routinely happening.  I think he slandered the troops who bravely did their job.

Since serving in Vietnam, Kerry has been on the wrong side of just about every issue.  As Secretary of State, he was made aware of Hunter Biden's Burisma deal and did nothing about it.  He has been a "lifelong joke."

About the only thing he has been good at is marrying rich women.


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