Minneapolis runs off cops and then tries to hire from outlying jurisdictions

 Steve Pomper:

This past summer, the people of Minneapolis simultaneously saw its government implode and riots explode.

All this violence and destruction was predictable — to lucid people.  It was also predictable that the "defund the police movement" would end in disaster for every city that tried it.  The Minneapolis City Council, which also led on the absurd idea by endorsing legislation not to just defund but to abolish their police department and replace it with a pretend police agency.  This, predictably, led to an increase in crime — especially violent crime.

Not long after voting to defund the police, Minneapolis City Council members began hearing complaints from their constituents about rising crime in their districts.  Cars racing, property damage, assaults, and home-invasion robberies...who would have guessed that would happen?  As for the social workers and "violence interrupters" that were supposed to solve everything, a poor social worker was recently murdered while "on duty" in Seattle.

Now, the Minneapolis City Council wants to spend more than half a million dollars to hire police officers from surrounding agencies to augment their cops.  The council intends for those officers to help reduce crime in the city.  What about their own officers?  Well, they're headed toward other agencies or other careers.  They know when they're not welcome.

Will the city even be able to attract area officers willing to work off-duty for a city council and mayor who hate cops?  City officials have demonstrated they are anti–law enforcement — the mayor by forbidding life-saving police training for officers and the city council by voting to abolish the police department.

What will happen if one of those "borrowed" officers, especially a white officer, is forced to shoot a suspect, especially a black suspect?  Anyone think those Minneapolis politicians are going to back that officer?  If history is any guide, they will not only toss the officer under the bus, they will then hop aboard the bus and run over the cop themselves.


Oregon has found itself in similar circumstances and sheriffs from outlying jurisdictions are not willing to work for the screwballs in charge in Portland and the state.  I think officers outside of Minneapolis would react the same.  Defunding the cops was a bad idea, to begin with, and good people will likely be unwilling to work for those behind the defunding movement.


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