Biden names man who pushed Russian collusion fraud as National Security Advisor


Joe Biden's National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan Was Up to His Eyebrows in the Clinton Email Scandal and in Pushing the Russia Hoax


...  Jake Sullivan sent hundreds of emails that should have had some level of classification to Hlliary Clinton’s personal email server that turned out to have been penetrated by virtually every intelligence organization on the planet. Jake Sullivan is the guy who Clinton ordered to send her a classified briefing by non-secure email using the artifice of simply removing security markings from the documents. “[T]urn into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure,” is what she advised. Some of the emails he sent to Clionton contained the information of the very highest security classification, including the identity of proposed drone targets.

 He was also very active in fluffing the Russia Hoax in Coup Attempt #1.

Here he is taking the lead on the Alfa Bank sub-hoax, a favorite of the left and NeverTrumpers everywhere, including some who wrote here:

This was false when he wrote it and he knew it was false.

Allegedly, this leak is one of the areas probed by John Durham, not that any of that will matter if Biden is sworn in.


If true, he comes across as a Democrat con artist.  While the National Security Advisor does not require the approval of the Senate, someone should raise questions about his security clearance with such a record of deceit. 




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