Big tech and their false claims of 'misinformation'

 Houston Chronicle:

As social media companies cracked down on misinformation during the election — under pressure to prevent a repeat of 2016’s Russian meddling — they found themselves increasingly targeted...

The information that they censored from Hunter Biden's laptop was never shown to be disinformation.  They censored it because it showed how the Bidens monetized his office to enrich his family.  Their motives were as corrupt as Biden's use of his office to create wealth.  In other instances, they censored people's opinions by using bogus fact checks which stated some liberal writer's opinions. 

Ted Cruz has correctly pointed out that virtually all of their censorship was of conservatives and they censored it for political purposes and not because the information or opinions were "misinformation."

The 2016 "Russia meddling" was always overrated.  I don't think it had anything to do with the results of the election and we now know that the Russian collusion story was a total fraud.  It was a giant case of misinformation by the Clinton campaign that was used by the FBI and DOJ to try to overthrow the Trump election.


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