Biden flummoxed by unscripted questions

 The Lid:

Biden Asks Why Reporters Are Suddenly Asking Him Questions? (VIDEO)


 There’s been a distinct difference in Trump and Biden’s media coverage, and it’s incredibly noticeable to everyone… except for the mainstream media.

Howard Kurtz spoke about it on Fox News recently:

Gee, why does the media get blamed for the current political divide?


 Right after Biden says, “Mi casa es su casa,” about media access to the White House in a Biden administration, reporters are herded away by the Biden handlers. One brave soul shouted a question because the fog seemed to have lifted, and he remembered that he’s a reporter and not a partisan hack. He’s not even that tough on Joe. He’s just asking questions about relevant issues. You know, to report to the people. Shocking, I know.

Here’s Bo Erikson from CBS, and Joe asks him why he’s always yelling questions.

Gee, maybe it’s because Joe has had fewer media scrutiny than anyone who has run for president — ever?

Why was Joe so upset with Bo Erikson?

It could be because as social media and the rest of the Media (D) ignored the Hunter Biden laptop story, Erikson dared to ask the Democratic candidate what he thought about the New York Post’s reportage.


The gives you a good idea of why Biden was flummoxed by Erickson actually asking him a question that was not a slow pitch softball.

The fact is that much of the mainstream media is as corrupt as Biden is and that is why they ignored Biden's obvious monetizing of his office to enrich his family. 




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