Obama's stupid deal with Iran has been a disaster

 Washington Post:

There is little doubt that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sees the crippling of Iran’s advancing nuclear capacity as Israel’s top security priority.
It was easily one of the dumbest deals in history and it left the potential victims of Iranian aggression with little room to maneuver while they waited for nuclear annihilation by the Islamic religious bigots who rule Iran.  The only good thing that has come out of this awful deal is that it has led to other potential victims of Iran siding with Israel as a nuclear power that can help defend them.
It is clear that Obama and Kerry did not comprehend how dangerous their deal was to others in the region.  The deal also failed to restrict Iran's push for missile technology that would endanger not only those in the region but also the US.
When sentient people are faced with a threat like Iran they are going to act as a matter of self-preservation.


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