Republicans make appeal to black voters ahead of 2020

Washington Free Beacon:
The Republican National Committee is making a concerted effort to court African-American voters ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

The decision reflects a growing list of accomplishments President Donald Trump can credibly point to in the realm of expanding economic opportunities for minorities.

"Look at the Obama administration and the unemployment rate in the African-American community under President Barack Obama, the stagnant wages, and then [contrast that with] what President Trump has done," Ronna Romney McDaniel, the RNC chairwoman, told the Washington Free Beacon at the annual TrailBlazer Awards ceremony on Wednesday. The event, started under the tenure of former RNC chairman Michael Steele to honor Black History Month, is meant to highlight the achievements of African-American conservative leaders.

What Trump "has done," according to McDaniel, is set in place policies to lead an economic resurgence within communities outside of the traditional GOP base. The president's early and relentless focus on tax reform has paid dividends by creating more than 5 million new jobs and pushing the African-American unemployment to a record low of 5.9 percent. The tax cuts, combined with targeted efforts to spur economic development through the opportunity zone initiative, has led to a boost in African-American small-business ownership.

The administration has also witnessed success in its efforts to expand access to education. Funding for school choice programs, which are primarily utilized by low-income families of color, has grown by more than $42 million since 2017. Likewise, funding for historically black colleges and universities has jumped by as much as 14 percent. The administration has further extended more than $300 million in loan forgiveness to HBCUs in the wake of weather-related natural disasters.

As McDaniel sees it, though, one of Trump's biggest feats was achieved by leading Democrats and Republicans to find common ground on criminal justice reform.
Polling suggests the black community is responding to these opportunities by supporting the President.  It also explains why Democrats have resorted to hysterical race baiting to try to pull them back into their orbit.  The President is also seeing growing support in the Hispanic community. 

Democrats are also trying to woe blacks with nonsensical calls for reparations which would require people who were never slave owners to pay money to people who were never slaves.


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