Sex experts argue over G-spot


There are a handful of subjects - among them cricket, the weather and the art of downing pints through a funnel - on which the French deign to allow the English a degree of authority. Sex, however, is not one of them.

Today, just three weeks after scientists at King's College London declared that the elusive G-spot may be a myth, a group of gynaecologists gathered in Paris to launch a counter-attack on what they called a "totalitarian" approach to female sexuality.

Denouncing the study carried out last year by British researchers as fundamentally flawed, the French scientists insisted the fabled erogenous zone did exist in many women – around 60% according to Sylvain Mimoun, the organiser of the conference.

But, they said, it had fallen victim to an Anglo-Saxon tendency to reduce the mysteries of sexuality to absolutes. This attempt to set clear parameters on something variable and ambiguous, they said, was characteristic of British scientific attitudes to sex.


The Brits do not have much of a reputation for being sex expert, while the French at least claimed to be. But, I thought the story was worth a post just for Lizzy Davies lead on what the French would consider the British an expert. Downing pints through a funnel must be some drinking game. I can assure you that is something I have had no experience with. In fact, I would much reather do reasearch on find G-spots than drinking beer through a funnel.


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