No more Mr. nice President?

Doyle McManus:


In a conversation with journalists, Obama's chief political strategist, David Axelrod, was blunt about what Republicans can expect if they don't find a way to compromise.

"We are going to very visibly seek their support moving forward, and we will shine a bright light on them when they don't," he said. "If they want to block everything . . . they will be held to account."

Axelrod accused the GOP of "rooting for failure."

"They made a decision they were going to sit it out and hope that we failed -- that the country failed," he said.

Until now, he suggested, Obama has been too gentle. "They didn't pay enough of a price for what was a determined strategy not to work with us," he said.

Now, "they either work with us or they have to pay the price for working against us."

Axelrod appears to be out of touch. This strategy is like throwing Ber Rabbit in the brier patch. It will be like a badge of honor for Republicans. The GOP is planning on tying Democrats to their support of Obama. It appears there are complimentary strategies. Current polling suggest the Republicans have the better argument.


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