California Senate needs mental health help

IBD Editorial:

The California Senate voted last Thursday to create a government-run single-payer medical care program. Do the 22 lawmakers who voted for this bill realize that the state will run out of cash before April?

The state is facing a $20 billion deficit. It's bleeding money. To close the gap, Sacramento will probably cook up some brew of tax hikes, pay cuts for state workers and program cuts.

Despite the deep troubles, the Senate wants to add a program that is expected to cost $200 billion a year, which, in fact, is likely far short of what the plan will actually cost.

"Does anybody believe that cost containment can be done when the state of California takes it over?" state Sen. George Runner asked from the Senate floor. "A state that has year-after-year deficits? And we believe that we're going to be the responsible party? To control costs when it comes to health care?"

For the 22 — all Democrats — who voted for the bill and haven't noticed what's going on in the rest of the country, Runner explained that the California "plan is to the left ... of what couldn't get out of Washington."


The Democrats in the California Senate are in serious denial. They are like a bankrupt who is still writing hot checks. The Tea Party Movement needs to do some serious Senate adn House cleaning in California in order to return some sanity to state government.


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