NPR poll finds Dems in difficulty


As President Barack Obama prepares for Wednesday night's State of the Union address, there are plenty of political "danger signs" for him and his fellow Democrats in the latest national survey done for NPR, the network's Mara Liasson reports.

Not only is Obama's approval/disapproval rating basically 50-50, as it is in many other national polls, but in a generic Republicans vs. Democrats hypothetical match-up, the GOP now leads by 5 percentage points (44%-39%) when voters are asked "for whom would you vote" if the 2010 elections for Congress were held today.

And, Mara says in a report due to air on tomorrow's Morning Edition, by a nearly 2-1 margin (61%-32%) "voters think the country is on the wrong track."

Then there's this: Just 10% of those surveyed said the president has done a "better job" than they expected. Of the rest, 29% said he's done worse and 60% said his performance has been about what they expected. What isn't known about that 60%: How many weren't expecting Obama to do very well vs. how many thought he would do a good job.


I am in that group that says he has done about as well as I expected, but my expectations were pretty low to begin with. In some ways he has done even worse, because he has become an ideologue who is not living up to his campaign promises.

Here is the full story with a link to the radio report.


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