Scott Brown talks to Leno

Throughout his political career, Scott Brown has been dogged by one image from his modeling days, a nude spread in Cosmopolitan magazine 28 years ago.

Last night, appearing as a guest on “The Jay Leno Show,’’ the 50-year-old US senator-elect from Massachusetts joked that he would do it again.

“I’d probably have to do it for Mature Senior AARP Magazine,’’ Brown said.


Brown also told Leno about his weekly workout routine, which includes biking, swimming, and running, prompting the comedian to quip: “God, that’s another thing we have in common. This is unbelievable.’’

The senator-elect didn’t crack a lot of jokes. But he played along with Leno’s humor.

When asked how his daughters reacted to the “available’’ comment, Brown pointed his finger like a gun to his head and pulled a pretend trigger.

Asked to recite a line from his favorite movie, Brown did his best Rocky Balboa imitation. “Adrian, Adrian,’’ he cried. “We did it.’’

And when Leno asked about Brown’s signature truck, Brown offered the comedian a toy version, labeled “driving the establishment crazy.’’

His election is sure driving many Democrats crazy. The guy has a good sense of humor as well as an interesting family. I look forward to seeing him as a Senator in Washington.


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