It is getting harder to hide from US military

Strategy Page:

The U.S. Army is sending the troops a new generation of "see-through-the-wall" devices. The Eagle series of sensors use low power ultra-wideband radio waves to detect what is behind walls (except metal ones). These devices weigh 3.5-6 pounds (there are three versions) and all are handheld. The M model can detect motion, of people or animals who are up to six meters behind a 20cm concrete wall. The P model can see into the ground (3-4 meters down) and detect objects, as well as tunnels. The V model produces sharper images, but at shorter ranges. All these devices use rechargeable batteries that are good for about four hours. The sensors look like a game controller, and put the image on a small screen, as well as being able to wirelessly transmit the image to a laptop computer, which can use software to enhance the image. These non-radar sensors are popular with police and fire departments, as well as anyone who has to search behind walls, or under roads, for stuff that is broken.

A similar piece fo equipment has been in use, but it was not as good as the new stuff. I think this has to be a product that the special forces will find useful in their raids on enemy compounds.


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