Priorities and politics

Opinion Journal:


A new poll released yesterday by the Pew Research Center on the public's priorities reveals the real reasons ObamaCare is in intensive care. Jobs and rehabilitating the economy understandably top the list, with 81% and 83% of voters rating these as a "top priority." Reducing health-care costs (57%) fell from 69% in 2008, and is now behind terrorism (80%), education (65%), deficit reduction (60%) and even Medicare (63%) and Social Security (66%).

Our guess is that this decline is because Democrats have tipped their hand in the last year about how they plan to reduce those costs via ObamaCare—namely through central planning and price controls that would limit access to care. Meanwhile, health insurance reform clocked in at 49%, which at least makes it far more popular than the Administration's cap-and-tax global-warming agenda. A mere 28% ranked climate change as a political priority.


I am surprised that 49% favor insurance reform when 80% say they are happy with their current coverage. Democrats tried to pivot from health care reform to insurance reform because they thought it would be easier to demonize insurance companies. They are now trying to demonize banks. There is not much of a positive agenda for them anymore.

The Republicans should try to get a vote on the Cap and Trade bill just to make the Democrats vote against it.


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