ICE chills drug gangs

San Antonio Express-News:

Hundreds of gang members and their associates in 83 U.S. cities have been arrested in a weeklong sweep dubbed “Project Big Freeze,” U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Wednesday.

ICE said last week's operation was its largest to date targeting transnational gangs, with almost half of the 476 arrested being members of gangs with ties to Mexican, South American and Asian drug cartels.

Twenty-six of the arrests were in South Texas, including nine in San Antonio, 14 in the Rio Grande Valley and three in Laredo.

“Through gang enforcement operations like Project Big Freeze, ICE continues to work to target and dismantle transnational gangs to rid our streets not only of drug dealers but the violence associated with the drug trade,” ICE Assistant Secretary John Morton said.


The surprise to me is that so few of the arrest were in Texas. It is good to see ICE going after these guys and it will be hard for the open borders crowd to criticize this round up. Deportation does not sound like the right remedy for these guys. They need some jail time before that happens.


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