Iran + Taiwan ='s China, US spat?

Sunday Telegraph:

Beijing has also imposed sanctions on the companies selling the arms and threatened to review co-operation on other issues.

The US responded defiantly, insisting that the sales would contribute to regional security.

The angry row sharply escalates existing frictions between Beijing and Washington, who are already at odds over trade, internet censorship and climate change.

It is a further blow to President Barack Obama’s hopes of securing Chinese support for tougher measures against Iran over the Islamic regime’s illicit nuclear programme.

The State Department insisted that arms sale contributed to "security and stability" between Taiwan and China.

"Such sales contribute to maintaining security and stability across the Taiwan Strait," said US State Department spokeswoman Laura Tischler. The US is the leading arms supplier to Taiwan and, under a 1979 Act of Congress, is legally obliged to help Taiwan defend itself."

China earlier warned the US that the sale will have a "serious negative impact" on ties between the two countries. Beijing regards Taiwan as a renegade province that is still part of its territory.


The announcement of the sell followed a statement by Sec. Clinton that China would pay a price for not going along with sanctions on Iran. I think this was the US response to China' refusal to embrace the Iran sanctions. The diplomatic language remains, but it is clear that timing is unlikely to be a coincidence.

This Washington Post story suggest there is more going on with China. It notes a beligerant and bullying attitude with several European countries too.


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