Bin Laden plays at international finance and globo warming


Osama bin Laden urged an end to reliance on the U.S. dollar as one solution to the global financial crisis and blamed developed countries for climate change, in an audiotape said to be of the al Qaeda leader.

The authenticity of the tape, aired on Friday and the second by bin Laden to air on Arab satellite channel Al Jazeera this week, could not be immediately confirmed.

"It is necessary for us to avoid doing business in the dollar, and to finish with it in the fastest possible time," bin Laden said on the brief tape.

Saudi-born bin Laden has never been found and is believed to still be hiding in the mountainous border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan. He is known to suffer from ill-health.


This is just another PR stunt for this loser. He has no experience in either subject and is just spouting anti US propaganda. I wonder how those with the same views like being on the side of one of the worst terrorist in the world. I think the activity from bin Laden suggest he fears becoming irrelevant in his exile.


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