Rejecting liberal media

Bill O'Reilly:

Watch out. America is moving to the right, and it's happening fast. The vote in Massachusetts was an ideological earthquake whose tremors are still being felt all over the country. When a big-government guy like President Obama takes to the lectern to announce he wants to freeze some federal spending, you know hell might be freezing over, as well.

But nowhere is the rejection of liberal doctrine seen more clearly than in the television news industry. Last week, Fox News Channel, the only network that has brought some scrutiny to Obama from the beginning, was the No. 1 rated cable operation in America. If you listen closely, you can hear SpongeBob and Hannah Montana weeping.

In addition, the Democratic outfit Public Policy Polling released a stunning scientific survey. It asked Americans which TV news operation they trusted. Hide the kids; here are the results:

Fox News: 49 percent trust, 37 percent don't trust.

ABC News: 31 percent trust, 46 percent don't trust

NBC News: 35 percent trust, 44 percent don't trust

CBS News: 32 percent trust, 46 percent don't trust

Those voters who made the difference in Massachusetts and the ones who have pushed the Republicans to the lead on the generic ballot, remember who gave fair reports on the Tea Parties and the Town Hall meetings, who understood their anger and who mocked and insulted them. I think it is the latter that has driven viewers away from the media that has pushed the liberal agenda.


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