Cost of stimulus grows to $862 billion

Fox News:

The $787 billion federal stimulus package that Congress passed last year has gotten even bigger -- now expected to cost $862 billion, over the next 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

The nonpartisan CBO report, published Tuesday, attributes the $75 billion increase to added unemployment-related costs. More Americans are receiving unemployments benefits for lost jobs that the stimulus bill was meant to save, the report says.

About $21 billion of the added costs stem from higher unemployment compensation payments, while the remainder of the increase comes from food assistance payments and interest payments from states on taxable government bonds, the Washington Times reported.


It will only get worse. For something that is not working it is awful expensive. If Obama was really serious about dealing with teh deficit he would cancel the unspent portion. If he does not then Republicans should run on doing so.


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