Dems cynical play for Tea Party votes

David Freddoso:

As much as liberals have tried to write it off as an artificial movement -- "Astro-turf," they have said -- you just can't fake a Republican victory in Massachusetts. The Tea Party Movement, named after the now-famous rant offered up by CNBC's Rick Santelli, is the real thing when it comes to political movements.

It was born spontaneously as a reaction to left-wing economic policy. It currently enjoys the kind of following that no single leader on the Right could possibly command, and certainly no one in the corporate world.

The Tea Party Movement's high level of activity reflects true voter anger among mostly Republican and independent voters, upset by what they have seen from the Obama administration -- and yes, from its Republican predecessor, too.

The DCCC's Chairman, Rep. Chris Van Hollen, conceded in a conference call last week that it is a legitimate movement. Instead of giving the typical, demeaning reaction that many politicians give the tea partiers, he expressed hope that grassroots tea partiers will see Republicans for the corporatists they really are.

"I think a lot of folks who have been supporting the Tea Party Movement, when they discover that these Republicans have been voting with the biggest financial interests and against the taxpayer, are going to have a wakeup call," Van Hollen said.

So they are going to use a tax increase on the banks to try to split Tea Party support for Republicans. It did not work in Massachusetts, because Scott Brown cleverly added to the other planned tax increases by Democrats that add up to about two trillion dollars over the next few years. But, that appears to be their plan on trying to redirect the anger with them.


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