The Holder problem

Rich Lowry:

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano must be relieved.

Over the last few weeks, Attorney General Eric Holder has passed and lapped her in the race to be the most flagrantly incompetent Obama administration official in the War on Terror.

Last year, Holder had a brainstorm: He'd remove Khalid Sheik Mohammed from Gitmo to try him in lower Manhattan, in the former shadow of the World Trade Center. Holder was thrilled by the "symbolism" of trying KSM so close to the scene of the crime.

But, eventually, New York officials and members of Congress were bound to notice the barking-mad senselessness of the entire scheme. Now that they have, plans for Holder's trial of the century have collapsed in an unsightly heap in a matter of 24 hours.

Indeed, the NY Times reports the plan to try them in NY City has been dropped. It appears the liberals in the City convinced the liberals in the White House that the trials wedre politically unwise.

This is happening at a time when Congress is also questioning the wisdom of the Justice Department's handling of the underwear bomber case. These are two major screw ups by Holder and Obama on the handling of terror detainees. They are both costly politically for the administration and have the capacity of becoming a disaster for the country if there is a successful attack because we did not interrogate the underwear bomber to find out the particulars of al Qaeda's plans.


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