Who knew?

From the LA Times:

News on federal deficit likely to be used against Obama's agenda

Do you think these guys have been paying attention to the Tea Party movement and the Town Hall meeting protest? I think the news of the deficit just confirmed what is already going on.


  1. Well, with falling ad revenues, and the actual situation on the ground in California and elsewhere, MSM is feelin' kinda threatened. Now we know that there ain't no one more self righteous than a reformed whore, so Obama better keep away from any idling bus.....As I mentioned somewheres else today, human nature requires that when someone has been so thoroughly made a fool of as the MSM, why, they turn on their erstwhile companions, and savage them fiercely to prove their virtue. I figure that a lot of dirty underwear are gonna surface. Tea Parties and Town Halls are gonna bring this leftist lunacy out into the light.


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