Toyota to move Tacoma production from California to San Antonio

San Antonio Express-News:

Toyota officials are expected to announce soon that Tacoma pickup truck production will be moved to its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in San Antonio, the Express-News has learned. That announcement is expected to follow confirmation that came earlier today that the world's leading automobile manufacturer has decided to close the plant in Fremont, its first manufacturing facility in the United States, opened in 1984 as a joint venture with GM.

Roughly 4,700 hundred workers were officially notified moments ago that they would lose their jobs when Toyota Motor Corp. ends production in March 2010 at the New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. auto plant.

Toyota's board voted early Thursday to end the company's production contract at the NUMMI plant, spokeswoman Cindy Knight confirmed. But employees at the plant weren't notified until this afternoon at a “state-of-the-company” meeting.


If Toyota decides to relocate Tacoma production its San Antonio Campus, city officials estimate, it would boost total employment over time at the San Antonio Toyota campus by up to 1,100 employees and would bring suppliers back up to capacity. Just as important, experts say, the Tacoma line would diversify the San Antonio facility and solidify the roughly $1.3 billion Toyota already has invested in the plant.


Boeing has also announced that it will be expanding its facility in San Antonio. San Antonio is a more centrally located manufacturing location for the US. This is not to mention the advantages Texas has over California in lower taxes. Texas is also a right to work state which can lead to lower labor costs.


  1. I'm hoping that Toyota is innoculated from the union virus and doesn't bring it here to Texas. We want the jobs, but not the unions, to put it bluntly. And Boeing also? Well, that's good for Texas. You know, hmmmm......lower tax rates, no state income tax.....nah, just keep on sayin' that there isn't any correlation.......


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