How the CIA tricked terrorist

Washington Times:

It's a scene that has unfolded countless times in police departments all over the world: Two suspects held in separate interrogation rooms are played off each other by investigators trying to crack a case.

Documents released this week related to the CIA's terrorist interrogation program describe a similar scene, but one with stakes much higher than solving a burglary or car theft.

The documents explain how CIA interrogators tricked Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and Yazid Sufaat, a Malaysian scientist who was educated in the U.S., to reveal the details of al Qaeda's ultimately unsuccessful plot in 2001 to unleash a deadly anthrax attack against Americans.

Mohammed, who was captured in 2003, told CIA interrogators that he and three others had been involved in the anthrax scheme.

"He appears to have calculated, incorrectly, that we had this information already, given that one of the three - Yazid Sufaat - had been in foreign custody for several months before [Mohammed's] arrest for unrelated terrorist activity," read an excerpt from a CIA report called "Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: Preeminent Source On Al-Qaeda."

Interrogators then confronted Sufaat with the information provided by Mohammed. The report said Sufaat reacted angrily, figuring Mohammed had betrayed him.

"Eventually, Yazid admitted his principal role in the anthrax program and provided some fragmentary information on his, at the time, still at-large defendants," the report stated.

Authorities said Sufaat had critical knowledge about the plot as he had spent months hunkered down in a laboratory near an airport in Afghanistan trying to cook up a batch of anthrax.

"But it was ultimately the information provided by [Mohammed] that led to the capture of Yazid's two principal assistants in the anthrax program," the report said, while not naming the two other suspects.


Will the liberals say the CIA was unfair? It seems to be their mindset when it comes to the enemy and the CIA.


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