Fragile Chavez regime fears dissent will topple Venezuela government


Venezuela's top prosecutor said Saturday that recent street protests were legally tantamount to "rebellion" against President Hugo Chavez's government and that demonstrators will now be charged.

The dramatic move by Attorney General Luisa Ortega capped a week of huge street protests, mostly directed against a new education law that critics say is politically charged.

"People who disturb order and the peace to create instability of institutions, to destabilize the government, or attack the democratic system, we are going to charge and try them," Ortega said in a statement, referring to the government of leftist-populist Chavez.

William Ojeda, of the opposition A New Time party, argued that "the very right to protest is being turned into a crime."

"The justice system is now being used as a tool of political and ideological persecution," Ojeda added.

Ortega claimed opposition groups were looking for "any reason to march, to create chaos, whatever they can, what they want is to destabilize, even by encouraging people to disobey the law."

Last Saturday, thousands of marchers protested against the education law and police used tear gas to break up the crowds and keep them from marching on the National Assembly.


Chavez is turning Venezuela into a totalitarian state that is too weak to tolerate dissent. His "education" codes are meant to indoctrinate rather than educate, because free people would reject his command economy ideas.

These moves by Chavez are a sign of the weakness of his ideas and philosophy. Suppression will only lead to more resistance. Chavez is already running a RICO state, facilitating the distribution of dope from Colombia as well as arming the narco terrorist.

He has squandered the assets of Venzuela and is chasing off the entrepreneurs who create jobs and wealth. He has also chased off the capitalist needed to finance new developments and explore for more resources. At some point he will impoverish the country to the point of Cuba and other failed command economies.


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