Kadhafi says Israeli superpoer responsible for everything that goes wrong in Africa


Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi blasted Israel at a special African Union summit on Monday on the eve of celebrations to mark his 40-year rule, accusing the Jewish state of causing all the woes facing Africa.

Israel is "behind all of Africa's conflicts," Kadhafi told some 30 African leaders gathered under a huge tent at Tripoli airport for the summit focused on the continent's trouble spots, including Sudan's Darfur and Somalia.

He demanded the closure of all Israeli embassies across Africa, describing Israel as a "gang" and saying it uses "the protection of minorities as an excuse to launch conflicts."

Kadhafi claimed that a Darful rebel group had opened an office in Tel Aviv while its leader lives under French protection, a reference to Sudan Liberation Army chief Abdelwahid Mohammed Nur who lives in exile in Paris.

"As African brothers we must find solutions to stop the superpowers who are pillaging our continent," he said.


Is Kadhafi trying to remind us of his paranoia along with his ethnic hatred and religious bigotry, or does he really think that Israel is a superpower that can manipulate a whole continent of people who don't like them? Israel is fortunate to have such enemies. Intelligent enemies would be a bigger problem.


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