Obama's radical appointments

David Horowitz:

I’m in NY where I’ll be headed to the Fox studios in a few hours to tape the “Glenn Beck Show.” The segment I’m doing will be aired Thursday as part of a week-long series called “The New Republic,” which is Glenn’s look at the radical agendas of the Obama Administration. Last night, with Pat Caddell as his guest, Glenn made the connection between the trillion-dollar deficits Obama is deliberately running up and the Cloward-Piven strategy devised by two Columbia radicals to bankrupt the welfare system in New York in order to create a crisis that would generate radical change.

Although the show failed to mention it, this was a strategy first identified in a book I wrote a couple of years ago with Richard Poe called The Shadow Party. That book described the coalition of Communist and anarchist radicals, Democratic Party honchos, and multi-billionaires that the malevolent George Soros put together before the 2004 presidential campaign. The Shadow Party is now the party in power and running the show.

Beck also focused on Van Jones, a self-described Communist who is now the Special Assistant to the President for “Green Jobs”. Beck ran some revealing clips on Jones, who is a Jeremiah Wright radical — a black racist and Ivy League elitist. Beck noted Jones’ radical “past” — actually he became a Communist in 1992 and for the next 10 years was a member of a communist party dedicated to “organizing a revolutionary movement.” In his 2007 book, The Green Economy, Jones blamed the devastation of Hurricane Katrina on white supremacy and the war in Iraq, which he blamed, in turn, on America’s “need for oil.”

Beck perspicaciously pointed out that Jones was the candidate of the Apollo Alliance — which is a communist party of the green movement composed of social justice and racial justice groups. As I pointed out in Unholy Alliance, social justice (and racial justice) is a term that, when used by far left groups, is a code for a Marxist future despite the phony lip service they frequently pay to the private sector when they address a broader public. The Apollo Alliance had proposed an $11 billion budget for green jobs. They got it from Obama. Beck also pointed out that the “Cash for Clunkers” stimulus program was proposed by Jones. He omitted one other salient fact: Jones was picked for his White House job by the Soros-funded and -organized Center for American Progress (John Podesta, its head, was the head of Obama’s transition team).


Beck has been on a roll this week. Besides the disclosures David raises, he has also had segments on the guy Obama has put in charge of "diversity" at the FCC who happens to be a big fan of the way Hugo Chavez manages the media in Venezuela. The Obama team may be on vacation this week, but they have not been able to refute Becks allegations.

Van Jones appears to be a classic watermelon radical--green on the outside, but red on the inside.

Obama would have had a difficult time getting elected with the agenda these radicals are pushing on America.


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